by EzTek Systems

VaporPhaze360 wins at QuakeCon 2015

The latest version of the VaporPhaze project (dubbed 'VaporPhaze360') takes home first place in this years QuakeCon Scratch Build case competition held in Dallas, TX.  The newest rig features a cylindrical glass case housing an Intel I7 3930K on a AsRock X79 Extreme4-M board.  Other components include:

  • RAM: 16 GB of Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer
  • GFX:  2 Zotac GTX 680 in SLI
  • PSU:  1250 watt X-series SeaSonic
  • Case: Custom designed for liquid immersion
  • Storage: Crucial M4 128GB SSD x 2 in a Raid 0


As with all Vapor Phaze productions, the entire rig is a custom liquid immersion system.  This model uses a custom fabricated, cylindrical shaped radiator with a 200mm fan to return the Novec 7000 coolant back to liquid form.

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